Specializations and Experience

Machine Learning

Entangled systems can be tremendously complex and benefit greatly from compression. Sam Greydanus '17's Senior Thesis looks to approximate Matrix Product States using neural nets, and then compare this method with the standard compression algorithm, Density Matrix Renormalization Groups.

Gaussian Quantum Information

The use of continuous variable quantum information carriers offers a powerful alternative to the traditional use of discrete qubits.

Classical Simulations

In some cases, quantum computational techniques are more difficult and more expensive than classical techniques.

Stochastic Processes

Stochastic processes add a layer of richness to models that deal with large amounts of uncertainty.

Recent Events

Summit on Advancing American Leadership in Quantum Information Science

Professor Whitfield was invited to White House to discuss the future of QIS in America.

Big congratulations to Erik (Spring 2018)

Erik Weis successfully defended his senior thesis: Benchmarking Quantum Computers Using Electronic Structure Algorithms. Erik worked very hard for this. It is good that all those late hours running simulations on Rigetti's quantum computer paid off. Great job Erik! Moving forward, we wish you the best!

Kanav gets QISE-NET award from NSF

Kanav is awarded Quantum information science and engineering network (QISE-NET) award by National Science foudation. The award is aimed at having better collaboration between universities and industry. QISE-NET award recognizes a triplet of graduate student, his/her adviser and a mentor from industry. Kanav will work with Prof. Whitfield and Jarrod Mcclean from Google as his mentor. Congratulations Kanav!

Tarini accepts offer from University of Californian, Berkeley

Tarini has chosen University of California, Berkeley for her graduate studies. Tarini had some very good options to pick from. Great Tarini! We wish you good luck for all your future endeavors.

Kanav gets an Internship at IBM

Kanav will spend summer at IBM as graduate research intern.

Welcome to Erik, Aiko and Margaret (Fall 2017)

Erik is joining us for his senior thesis. Aiko and Margaret are freshman and are joining us for the WISP projects.

Welcome to James Brown (Fall 2017)

James is joining us after completing his PhD at ...

Welcome to Tarini Hardikar (Summer 2017)

Tarini is joining us after completing her undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Chemistry from Colby College.

Big congratuations to Sam! (Sping 2017)

Sam Greydanus sucessfully defended his senior thesis: Approximating Matrix Product States with Machine Learning. First thesis out of the Whitfield group. Great job Sam.

Sam Greydanus '17 Represents the United States in the International Physicists' Tournament

His task was to analyze why a chain will “walk” if a short impulse is applied to a long chain spinning around a horizontal axis.