Jun Yang (Graduate Student)

About Me

Jun Yang is a graduate student in the Whitfield Group. His research interests revolve around algorithms for quantum computers, in particular simulating physics and chemistry.


  • Jun Yang, James Brown, James D. Whitfield, “Measurement on quantum devices with applications to time-dependent density functional theory”, preprint: arXiv:1909.03078
  • James Brown, Jun Yang, James D. Whitfield, “Solver for the electronic V-representation problem of time-dependent density functional theory”, preprint: arXiv:1904.10958
  • Jun Yang, Alioscia Hamma, “Many-Body Localization Transition, Temporal Fluctuations of the Loschmidt Echo, and Scrambling”, preprint: arXiv:1702.00445


Ph.D. Student Physics - Dartmouth College
B.S. Physics and Mathematics - University of Puget Sound 2016