Andrew Cupo

Postdoctoral Associate

Andrew Cupo

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Dartmouth College

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I am currently working with Professors James Whitfield, Chandrasekhar Ramanathan, and Lorenza Viola in theoretical condensed matter physics with a focus on Floquet quantum matter.

Postdoctoral Fellowship


Postdoctoral Associate, Dartmouth College



Ph.D. in Physics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Recent Papers

  1. Electronic and Vibrational Properties of Bulk Cr2Ge2Te6 from First-Principles Calculations, D. Tristant, A. Cupo et al., Physical Review B, 2022

  2. Floquet Graphene Antidot Lattices, A. Cupo et al., Physical Review B, 2021

  3. Theoretical Analysis of Spectral Lineshapes from Molecular Dynamics, A. Cupo et al., npj Computational Materials, 2019

  4. Periodic Arrays of Phosphorene Nanopores as Antidot Lattices with Tunable Properties, A. Cupo et al., ACS Nano, 2017

  5. Quantum Confinement in Black Phosphorus-Based Nanostructures, A. Cupo and V. Meunier, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 2017 (Invited Review Article)