Dartmouth Event Leaps Into Quantum Computing

Physics professor James Daniel Whitfield, along with Lorenza Viola, co-organized Dartmouth’s quantum computing day. Whitfield said Dartmouth has a lot of momentum in the quantum field, with graduate students tackling research projects and alumni out at IBM, Google, and startup companies working in quantum computing. “It’s still early times, but this is a great place to get trained,” Whitfield said. “When the names come up (in quantum computing), we’re on the list, too,” he added. Last year, Whitfield participated in a White House summit that reported on the need for the United States to maintain a “quantum-smart workforce.” While Whitfield chafes a bit at the buzzword, he agrees that companies are looking for people with quantum training. “All in all, there are a lot of jobs and not enough (people) to fill them.”

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