Optimization, Verification, and Engineered Reliability of Quantum Computers

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  Funded Projects
  James D. Whitfield
  Department of Energy

Department of Energy Grant DE-SC0019374
$727k/4 years.

Quantum technologies, especially quantum computers, show great promise for revolutionizing high-performance computing and simulation. As prototype quantum computers come online, it is becoming clear that obtaining useful output from such devices will require layers of sophisticated classical software that provide interpretation and analysis of the quantum computer’s state and output. OVER-QC will develop critical components in this software stack with a particular focus on enabling near-term Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) technologies. We have identified three critical needs for near-term quantum computing platforms, and the project is structured around three thrusts that address these needs:

Thrust 1: develop capabilities to verify and certify translations of abstract quantum algorithms to quantum circuit programs;

Thrust 2: develop tools to identify the reliable information that can extracted from near-term devices in the absence of fault-tolerant operation;

Thrust 3: develop interfaces for variational hybrid quantum-classical processors (VHPs) that enable applications by connecting classical algorithms to quantum co-processors.

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